Samsung’s Potential $400 Foldable Phone: What You Need to Know

The article discusses the emergence of foldable phones, particularly a new Samsung foldable phone that would offer an affordable option for consumers. It mentions that the current Samsung foldable phones are priced at around $1,000 and $1,800, but a leak suggests that a mid-range foldable phone from Samsung set to debut next year would cost between $400 and $500. This price point would significantly undercut the prices of other foldable phones in the market. The article also notes that the reduced-price Samsung foldable phone may have a smaller display, a less powerful camera, and potentially lower processing power. However, it suggests that the phone would still be suitable for most users’ daily tasks. The article speculates whether this affordable foldable phone could lead to mainstream adoption of foldable devices. It references a statement by Samsung President TM Roh, who claimed that 50% of smartphone users were considering an upgrade to a foldable device. Overall, the article highlights the potential impact of a lower-priced Samsung foldable phone in the market.