Samsung Unveils Innovative Feature: Turn Your Galaxy Phone into a Laptop Webcam

A few months ago, code started to appear in the Link to Windows app that indicated the service might soon include the option to use a mobile phone as a webcam. At CES, Microsoft and Samsung revealed that the feature would be available for the Galaxy Book 4 series, allowing users to use their smartphones as webcams for their Windows computers. This feature will eventually be extended to other devices. Users will be able to switch between front and rear cameras, change the frame, add background blur, and use other features to optimize the video for any working environment. The feature will work on any Galaxy phone running One UI 1.0 or higher. While an exact rollout date for other devices has not been announced, since the code appeared in November, it is expected to be available soon. To use this feature, users will need to download the Link to Windows app on both their mobile phone and PC and follow the setup prompts. Additionally, the Galaxy Book 4 will allow users to use Link to Windows to find, read, send, or even AI-summarize text messages from their phone on their computer, similar to Apple’s all-in-one ecosystem.