Rise and Shine with this Sunrise Alarm Clock – $30 Off for Black Friday!

The Hatch Restore 2 is a smart sunrise alarm clock that has improved the sleep hygiene of the writer. The alarm clock allows users to choose nightly or morning routines, complete with soothing soundscapes and customizable lights. The alarm itself offers a variety of soothing sounds such as sound bowls, birds chirping, or ocean waves, rather than a jarring siren. The “Morning Moments” feature includes motivational talks and easy meditations, setting a positive and motivational tone for the day. The writer suggests that while the alarm clock is costly, it is worth it for those serious about changing their sleep schedule. Additionally, it is considered a superior option to standard alarm clocks or smartphone alarms. The writer recommends trying out the Hatch Restore 2, especially with a $30 off deal for Black Friday.