Revolutionizing Sustainable Smart Home Appliance Design with AI Technology

Hitachi Smart home devices should not only enable consumers to live better and save time and cost. Manufacturers will need to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) for answers as demand for sustainable products grows. AI is critical in the product design and development process, improving communications and productivity. Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances uses AI to learn from its mistakes, track consumer demands, and improve operating costs.

Smart home appliances today should improve customers’ quality of life, save time, energy, and cost, and be made to last. Consumers are increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of the products they purchase. Arçelik Hitachi aims to recycle 99% of its waste by 2030 and achieve 4% gains annually in energy efficiency. The company is also working on adding more intelligence into home appliances, such as refrigerators that can predict malfunctions and recognize food items.

The market for smart home devices has been falling due to weak consumer demand and economic volatility, but it is expected to grow through 2027. Manufacturers need to focus on creating sustainable and durable products that also incorporate intelligence and data security.