Revolutionary Device: Fully-Charged Phone in Just 7 Seconds

Portable and MagSafe chargers are not enough for some people whose smartphones frequently run out of battery. These individuals might be interested in a new device that claims to fully charge a smartphone in just seven seconds.

The device, called Swapery, is an auto-swappable battery system for mobile devices. It consists of two components: a swapping station and a thin battery attachment that sticks to the back of a smartphone or case. The battery attachment contains a pre-charged battery that can be swapped with a fully charged battery anytime a phone is placed on the station.

The company claims that when a phone runs out of battery, it can be placed on the Swapery station for seven seconds, after which it will have a new battery that can last for approximately 8-10 hours. Each Swapery station can hold up to four batteries that continuously charge internally.

Additionally, the battery pack attachment has a Type-C port at the top of the device for users to charge their phone with a cable or plug in headphones.

The Swapery is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2024, and pre-orders are currently being accepted.