Revolutionary Bluetooth Dongle: Your Solution to Diagnosing Your Car’s ‘Check Engine’ Light for Just $100

The BlueDriver Pro is a tiny Bluetooth dongle by Lemur Vehicle Monitors that functions as an OBD2 diagnostic scan tool and code reader. It connects to the car’s On-Board Diagnostics port and can read trouble codes as well as provide live data about the car’s systems. While it is easy to use and packed with features, it is not cheap compared to other OBD dongles. Additionally, it is small and easy to forget. The BlueDriver Pro comes with regular app and firmware updates. With this tool, your smartphone can communicate with your car and provide valuable information that can help you diagnose and potentially fix car troubles. It allows you to access repair reports detailing possible fixes for trouble codes, and provides access to information on resetting the oil light, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and the battery light. However, it is important to remember to unplug the BlueDriver dongle when done using it. Despite the minor drawbacks, the BlueDriver Pro is an essential tool for anyone looking to diagnose car problems and is currently available at a discounted price on Amazon.