Revamped: The Best USB-C Accessory now with Magnetic Enhancement

The best USB-C accessory that I’ve ever used is a magnetic breakaway USB-C connector. It’s saved my ports from damage, prevented laptops from being pulled to the floor, and doesn’t slow down data transfer or charging. This magnetic connector is designed with a super-strong neodymium magnet that keeps both parts together until there’s a pull on the connector, causing the two parts to come apart. It supports up to 140W of power, up to 40Gb/s of data transfer, and up to 8K@60Hz video output. The connectors come in three different types: straight, 90° elbow, and right-angle. They also feature an LED light to indicate if a device is charging. These connectors have been given a revamp, improving the design and the magnet, and are now available at a much cheaper price.