PulseAudio’s Successor: PipeWire 1.0 Revolutionizes Linux Audio

The long-awaited PipeWire 1.0, an audio/video software streaming bus, has finally arrived after 15 years of development, solving the previous problem of conflicting audio solutions on Linux. PipeWire is now capable of sharing video streams between processes and can serve as a bridge between applications and devices. With PipeWire as the default audio server for several desktop Linux distributions, it is anticipated that it will soon be featured in every Linux distro. Collabora, a Linux and open-source support and consulting company, offers WirePlumber as a session manager for PipeWire’s media pipelines, providing a universal method for applications to establish media streams. For more information on how to maximize the use of PipeWire, check out the LinuxMusicians site and the LinuxAudio Reddit forum.