Powerful 140W Power Bank: Essential for Work and Travel

Baseus Adaman Laptop Power Bank 140W 24000mAh. It’s rare that I don’t have a power bank close to hand. I use them to keep my devices charged up when I’m on the move, and they’re also a great way to split the power output from a single charger to allow it to recharge multiple devices at hotels. But with laptop and smartphone batteries getting bigger, having high-capacity power banks that can carry enough power and also deliver that power fast to devices is a must. But bigger capacities means heavier power banks, right?

Baseus Adaman 140W power bank tech specs:
– Battery: Polymer lithium battery
– Capacity: 24000mAh/74Wh
– Energy Conversion Rate: ≥75%
– Type-C1 Input: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/5A (max 100W)
– Type-C1 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/5A; 28V/5A (max 140W)
– Type-C2 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A (max 30W)
– USB1 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/2.5A; 10V/2.25A(SCP) (max 30W)
– Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches
– Weight: 1.08 pounds

This charger from Baseus has a trick up its sleeve. Instead of a traditional lithium battery, it uses a high-density, carbon-silicon battery that has 12.8% higher energy density than lithium batteries, which means it can be smaller and lighter. In addition, these batteries have a life cycle of over 1,000 recharges, far more than the 500 or so you can expect from a lithium battery. So, with this charger, you’re saving money and the planet.

I’ve been using this power bank for a while now and I’m super impressed. This charger has three outputs, with one that has a maximum power output of 140W, and can recharge at an amazing 100W — so fast that you see the digital display capacity meter go up by a percentage point every 10 seconds. The digital display also has a hidden feature (well, it’s hidden if you don’t read the instructions). You can make it cycle through battery capacity, amps output, and voltage by tapping the on button. I’ve carried out my usual tests on this power bank — input charge, output, battery capacity, thermal safety, and heavy duty charge/discharge — and it passed with flying colors. I’ve also been using this charger as my go-to power bank for a few weeks now, and it’s been great. I get the best of all worlds — a charger that can keep my MacBook Pro going for longer, one that recharges fast, and one that is smaller and lighter than a corresponding 24,000 mAh power bank. I like everything about this power bank, which is why it’s my favorite device when I need to carry a lot of backup power, but not so much I need a power station. The Baseus Adaman 140W power bank is a superb power bank that feels like a steal for the price.