Polar Pacer Pro: A Comprehensive Review by ZDNET

Tracking one’s heart rate is crucial to the success of Polar. The company is currently offering its watches at a 50% discounted price, bringing the price of the watch to just $164.98. The promotion also extends to almost all other products belonging to the brand. According to ZDNET, Polar’s new Polar Pacer Pro is an affordable GPS sports watch that provides features equivalent to high-range watches such as Polar Grit X Pro and Vantage V2. The Polar Pacer Pro costs just $299.95. The website lists the pros and cons of owning the watch, highlights the specs and hardware of the watch, and provides an in-depth review of the watch’s software. Additionally, it draws a comparison between Polar Pacer Pro and Vantage M2. The Polar Pacer Pro is customizable and also has an improved display. Pros and cons of Polar Pacer Pro are listed too. The article concludes with a detailed description of the watch’s software and its various settings.