Optimize Your Design: 7 Best Practices for VisionOS by Apple

Apple’s Vision Pro: A guide to new design guidelines for developers in 2024

Apple is set to release its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset and has recently announced that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will capture spatial video for the Vision Pro. Alongside the impending release, the company has started to release design guidelines for developers.

The first recommendation from Apple is gradual immersion into the apps, advising that users are slowly introduced to the VR app so that they can slowly adjust and feel they have control over their environment. The next tip is identifying app key moments, made easier with the new capability of VisionOS to provide panoramic photos.

The company has also advised developers to adjust UI elements to accommodate the new environment and incorporate sound design strategically while keeping a focus on key details. Suitable grid systems and the use of the VisionOS simulator is also necessary due to the unique design of the Vision Pro.

Overall, developers should keep these seven key tips in mind to ensure a seamless user experience on Apple’s new headset. Whether you’re planning to build apps for VisionOS or looking forward to purchasing a Vision Pro, it’s vital to take these guidelines into consideration for a successful transition in the world of spatial computing.