Midjourney AI Tool Takes the Plunge: Moving to its Own Website!

The robust text-to-image generator tool from Midjourney AI can now be accessed through a dedicated website, making it easier and quicker to create images. Initially, the website is only available to users who have generated more than 10,000 images via Midjourney on Discord. Midjourney CEO David Holz mentioned that access will be opened to more users in the coming months.

As the popularity of AI-powered image generators grows, Midjourney has become a popular choice. The move from Discord to a dedicated website is expected to make the process more effective and convenient for users.

One Twitter user, Nick St. Pierre, shared a video and commentary about his experience using the new Midjourney website. He mentioned that the new site makes it easier to adjust and create images, demonstrating how users can manipulate different sliders and adjust the format and size of the images.

For users who don’t qualify for early access, the website is expected to become more widely available in early 2024, promising smoother, faster, and more fun image generation for all users.