Microsoft to Introduce Extended Support Plans for Windows 10 PCs at Additional Cost

The last piece of the Windows 10 support puzzle is in place with the announcement of Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for Windows 10 for organizations. These updates will also be available to individual consumers. While the cost of these updates has not been disclosed, customers will need to pay for an annual ESU subscription to receive monthly security updates.

In the past, the Windows 7 ESU program was criticized for being expensive and difficult to implement. With the launch of Windows 11, many PCs will not meet the higher minimum standards for the new operating system, leaving them unable to upgrade. This has led to disappointment among Microsoft customers who feel that security updates should be a free service.

Despite the potential cost and complications, Microsoft is optimistic in delivering a simple sign-up option for the program. However, it’s likely that enthusiasts will find ways to hack subscriptions and access updates for free. For those who prefer to stick with Windows 10 after the end of 2025, they will need to prepare to pay for the extended support.