Meta Quest’s Latest Update: 3 Major Improvements and 1 setback

Meta recently announced new upgrades to its VR headset software following a successful Cyber Week. The upgrades include the addition of three new virtual environments, profile updates, boundary improvements, and Quest Pro performance upgrades. However, the update also removes phone notifications from the Meta Quest headset. These upgrades will be gradually rolled out as part of the Meta Quest v60 update.

The notable upgrades in this update include the Quest Pro performance boost, new Horizon Home environments, and boundary improvements. The Quest Pro is set to receive a power boost that will deliver a smoother experience with up to 45% more CPU and 19% more GPU power, resulting in more responsive interactions in mixed reality applications.

Additionally, the v60 update brings three new Horizon Home environments for all Meta Quest headsets, including the Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3, and Meta Quest 2. The new environments are designed to enhance the VR space in which users can interact. Boundary improvements have also been made, making it easier for the VR headset to remember and store boundary data for different rooms.

One notable change in the Meta Quest v60 update is the removal of phone notifications from the headset. This feature had only been introduced in 2021 for iOS and Android and has now been discontinued without explanation. Overall, the v60 update brings several significant improvements and features to the Meta Quest VR headsets.