Meet Our Entertaining AI Chatbot: Your Music Taste Judge and Comic Companion

Spotify Revealed Spotify Wrapped 2023 on Wednesday, and as a result, many social media feeds were flooded with people sharing their top songs and artists of the year. While the Spotify Wrapped results may have been impressive to your social media followers, this artificial intelligence model will require a lot more persuasion.

The digital publication The Pudding has a project known as “How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?” It is a site that pretends to be a judgmental AI character evaluating how bad your music taste based on your Apple Music and Spotify streaming history. The website offers harsh commentary while examining your music history, criticizing many of your music choices, and asking follow-up questions to better understand your music taste and deliver your final score.

To check your score, visit the “How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?” website on your phone or computer and click on the “Find Out” button in the center of the screen to get started. Next, you will need to grant access to your Spotify or Apple Music account to see your music preferences. The site ensures that it will not change or post anything once it has access to your account.

Once you select your music streaming platform, you will be directed to a new sign-in window. The site guarantees that the sign-on information only gives them one-time access to your platform and that it doesn’t see or save your username or password. After providing access, the site will ask follow-up questions based on the music you listen to. These questions may include foul language.

Following the questions, the site will provide you with a score, which may not be very generous. Some users have encountered issues with the site being at capacity, particularly during Spotify Wrapped time, so be prepared for possible technical difficulties. Despite potential technical issues, generating a score can still be a fun experience.

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