Is Roomba’s $349 Robot Vacuum Worth It? It Depends on Your Floor Type

The Roomba i5+ is now available on Amazon for $349 and is known for quickly and perfectly cleaning carpets. However, it has a failed wet-cleaning feature and suffers from broken brushes after just two weeks. As compared to the Narwal Freo, the Roomba i5+ falls short and is unable to live up to its high standards. Despite this, the i5+ remains a tempting package for just $349. It boasts features such as automatic bin emptying, 4-stage cleaning, compatibility with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, and a battery life of 180 minutes. However, the wet-cleaning feature of the i5+ has proven faulty, as the robot fails to automatically detect the wet bin and has caused accidental water spills while cleaning. Additionally, the sweeping brush broke after two weeks of use, although off-brand replacements are available on Amazon. Despite these issues, the Roomba i5+ impresses with a fast cleaning speed and excellent carpet cleaning capabilities. While it is recommended for carpeted floors, its wet cleaning feature offers little value for hardwood floors.