Is Driving Stick Really Necessary?

The notion that being able to drive a manual transmission is necessary in order to drive in the best way possible is quite old. It came about ever since automatic transmission started to become commonplace, and it’s still around to this very day. Those that have not yet driven a car often wonder if this sort of notion is true with all things having been considered and taken into account, and it certainly does seem to make sense at least if you think about it the way the people that believe such things tend to think about them all in all.

Now, the first thing that you need to understand here is that being able to drive manual is in no way, shape or form an essential thing for you to learn. In fact, you would be a safer driver if you just stuck to automatic transmission. There is a reason why cars like that ended up being made, after all. Manual transmission is tricky, and it takes a huge amount of effort to be able to manage the gear changes. The fact that it is more difficult might make you a skilled driver, but since none of these skills are transferable to automatic transmission it’s fair to say that there is no real benefit for you trying to do this sort of thing at all.

The only reason why some people think driving stick is so important is due to the reason that they feel threatened that something they felt so superior about is no longer relevant in the modern day. Don’t let this change the way you think about driving or assume that it’s a lot harder than it is supposed to be.



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