Introducing the ChatGPT-Powered E-Bike: A Revolution in Smart Riding Experience

The Urtopia platform offers smart e-bikes and rings with advanced technology features that enhance the riding experience. The Urtopia Smartbar, with ChatGPT integration, allows direct interactions between the rider and the e-bike via voice commands. Additionally, the latest e-bikes can function as a mobile coach, intelligent companion, and voice-activated assistant. The upcoming Urtopia smart ring collects health data, syncs it with biking data, and provides a personalized riding experience based on the user’s fitness condition. The data collected from the bike and ring sync to the Urtopia smartphone application for health data analysis and bike ride tracking. You can pre-order the Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro for $2,499 with a $500 pre-order discount, and it is scheduled to start shipping in March. The Urtopia Fusion GT and Urtopia Smart Ring are planned for availability in July 2024.