Introducing Samsung’s New Line of Video Game Controllers: The First Model Unveiled

The “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” program was officially revealed at CES this week. Samsung is hoping to attract more gamers to the cloud TV gaming side. The program includes affordable Bluetooth controllers compatible with the cloud-based gaming service. To cater to serious gamers, Samsung is partnering with leading gaming accessory companies to make official Samsung-certified products. Certified products, starting this year, will receive a badge designating them as “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub.”

The first officially licensed controller from Performance Designed Products, the PDP’s Replay Wireless Controller, is priced at $49.99, making it more affordable than official PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers. This controller boasts a built-in, rechargeable battery and a 30-foot range, as well as a Samsung Gaming Hub home button. It is available for preorder on PDP’s website, with plans for availability from Best Buy and Amazon later this year. The controller is compatible with 2022, 2023, and 2024 Samsung smart TVs and monitors.

Samsung Cloud Gaming, introduced in 2022, aims to make cloud gaming on smart TVs as easy as possible. The program lowers the entry requirement significantly, as only a compatible controller is needed to access thousands of Xbox titles, eliminating the need for external devices like NVIDIA Shield.