Introducing Meta’s Innovative AI-Powered Image Generator on its New Dedicated Website

Meta’s AI image generator now operates as a dedicated website, providing users with a more convenient way to create images. The tool was previously only available through individual and group chats on Meta’s social network platforms but is now accessible on the web for anyone in the US. To use the tool, users must log in with a Meta account, and then they can start generating images by typing a description and clicking the Generate button. Once the images are generated, they can be downloaded as JPG files, although they will contain a watermark identifying them as “imagined with AI.” The Imagine tool was originally designed to function within chat platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and works as part of Meta AI. The image generator is based on Meta’s Emu model, which can produce realistic images within seconds. Meta has also expanded access to the tool outside of chats, making it available at in the US.