Insta360 collaborates with Garmin and Apple for a logical purpose

Insta360 has announced an integration with Garmin that allows users to overlay key stats recorded by Garmin onto their Insta360 camera video footage. This feature will provide a more immersive experience for the viewer, as various pieces of data captured in Garmin Connect can be shown around the edges of the video when it is exported and shared.

The integration relies on accurate time syncing of the Garmin data and the Insta360 video content. Users will need to ensure that the clocks on both devices are set to the same time zone in order for the data from Garmin to sync up properly. This can be done in the Insta360 smartphone application, where users can select their Garmin Connect account and all the data syncing will happen in the background.

The feature is not only useful for sharing data, but it can also be used for training sessions. Users will be able to review their performance with video footage of surrounding conditions that might have impacted their results. Additionally, there is a widget in the Garmin Connect store that works with several Insta360 cameras, allowing users to control their camera from their Garmin watch.

Furthermore, Insta360 cameras also support data captured from an Apple Watch. There is a full Insta360 app for the Apple Watch, enabling users to control the camera in its different modes and resolutions. Overall, the integration between Garmin and Insta360 provides compelling reasons to consider Insta360 as a preferred action camera for athletes and content creators.