Insights for Developers: Navigating Data with Google Gemini

Developers using Google’s AI model, Gemini Pro, for free should be aware that their data may be utilized to train generative AI models, including those powering Google AI Studio and Gemini Pro. Google recently made Gemini Pro available to developers and businesses seeking to create applications using its generative AI model. Developers can access the model through the Gemini API in Google AI Studio, while organizations can do so through Google Cloud’s machine learning platform, Vertex AI.

Currently, developers have free access to Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision, with a limit of 60 requests per minute. The Gemini Pro Vision model accepts text and imagery as input, generating text as output. Vertex AI developers can trial both AI models for free until early 2024, after which charges per 1,000 characters or per image will apply. Gemini Pro supports 38 languages and is accessible in over 180 markets, including the Asia-Pacific region.

When the free quota is used up, developers’ API inputs and outputs may be accessible to trained reviewers for quality improvement. Google assures that the data is de-identified and separated from the developer’s API key and Google account. The data is used to “tune models” and may be retained for future tuning.

Developers and organizations concerned about data security can access Gemini models via Vertex AI, which provides customization and full data control. Google states that it does not train generative AI models on inputs or outputs from its cloud customers.