Google Introduces Tracking Protection Feature in Chrome: Third-Party Cookies Disabled

In July of 2022, Google announced that Chrome’s phase-out of third-party cookies would likely happen in the second half of 2024. However, the initial testing for the cookie-disabling feature is set to begin soon. From January 4, Google plans to roll out “Tracking Protection” to 1% of Chrome users worldwide, preventing websites from accessing third-party cookies that track user activity. Users will be randomly selected to receive this feature, which will be turned on by default. Google acknowledges that disabling cookies may cause issues but offers an option to re-enable them for specific websites. The goal of Google’s Privacy Sandbox is to reduce tracking while still allowing websites to function as intended. While cookies are essential for certain features like sign-in, fraud prevention, and advertising, they also enable cross-site tracking. Google urges websites to prepare for these changes, as privacy-related alterations need to be balanced with the best interests of web users.