Get Your Discounted $22 ‘Magic Arm’ for Easier Picture Taking on Cyber Monday

The product is a 9.8-inch adjustable clamp from SmallRig, known as the Articulating Magic Arm. The Cyber Monday deal offers a 20% discount on the product, making it available for just $22.

The Articulating Magic Arm clamp is recommended as a better alternative to mini tripods that are easily affected by even the lightest of breezes. This strong and stable clamp features a double 360-degree ball head articulating design that provides adjustable angles for securing small cameras, smartphones, or action cameras to capture the desired shots.

The specifications of the SmallRig 9.8-inch adjustable Articulating Magic Arm clamp include a total length of 10 inches, a maximum payload of 1.5 kg, a weight of 345 g, and it is made of aluminum alloy. It also features fittings of 1/4-inch on the arm and 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch threaded holes on the clamp. The clamp jaw size can accept rods ranging from 15mm to 40mm.

The versatile nature of this clamp allows for easy attachment of smartphones or action cameras. It is also ideal for mounting the GoPro Hero11 Black to capture timelapses or action shots.

One particularly useful feature of the Articulating Magic Arm is the ability to tighten up all articulated joints using just a wingnut. Once tightened, the arm remains stable, allowing users to frame up the perfect shots with no drooping or sagging.

This clamp is capable of holding a 1.5kg payload, making it suitable for a variety of devices beyond just action cameras. It is recommended for photographers, action camera users, Instagrammers, and TikTokers looking for a versatile and stable mounting solution.

Aside from the 9.8-inch version, SmallRig also offers a 5.8-inch version with similar features for those looking for a smaller option.