Get the AI-Powered Vacuum and Mop for Just $650 with this Early Black Friday Special Offer

Amazon is offering the AI-powered Eufy X9 Pro robot vacuum and mop for the Black Friday deal at $650. This product has a deep cleaning experience with 5,500pa of suction power and uses AI navigation features to maneuver throughout the house. The Eufy X9 Pro has a primary silicone brush that makes it less likely to get tangled, along with a mopping function that puts 2.2 lbs of downward pressure. The CleanerBot uses AI for navigation, obstacle avoidance, and mapping, along with iPath Laser Navigation to create maps of your home. The Eufy Clean app allows users to customize settings for charging, cleaning intensity, voice, and more. The X9 Pro easily adjusts to uneven surfaces and has a sensor to detect floor types. It does not have a self-emptying dustbin but offers impressive suction power and mopping functionality.