Finland’s Innovative VR Headset Set to Compete with Apple’s Vision Pro – Perfect for Business Users

This week, Varjo launched its XR-4 VR headset, which joins the crowded virtual reality headset market. Priced at $3,990, the XR-4 headset offers a 120-degree field of view, dual 20-megapixel cameras, two 4K displays, and a gaze-driven XR autofocus system. It is designed to focus on mixed reality as opposed to 2D uses with some mixed reality.

In addition to the base version, there are also “Focal Edition” and “Secure Edition” models available at higher price points. The “Secure Edition” is designed for high-end training software and “government-grade compliance,” making it suitable for secure government applications.

The XR-4 is intended for business and government use, particularly in secure government applications. The launch of this headset highlights the potential of VR beyond entertainment and where VR for the average consumer could ultimately go.