Exclusive Offer: Apple Extends Free Emergency SOS via Satellite for iPhone 14 Users

The company is offering an extra free year of Emergency SOS to existing iPhone 14 users on the first anniversary of Apple releasing its emergency service. When Apple released the service, it stated that all iPhone 14 users would have two free years of Emergency SOS. However, starting Nov. 15, 2024, iPhone 14 users would have to pay for the service. Apple has now extended access to the service for an extra year, allowing all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users to access the service for free until November 2025. If you bought and activated an iPhone 14 before Nov. 15, 2023, your device is eligible for the extra free year of Emergency SOS. Roadside assistance in partnership with AAA via satellite is also free for two years on iPhone 14 and iPhone 15, with the two-year clock on the roadside assistance service beginning once you activate your device. Emergency SOS allows users to connect with emergency services when they don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular activity, making it a lifesaving service for those affected by accidents in remote areas or natural disasters.