Effortlessly Save and Access Opera Aria Chats with Pinboards

The Opera Aria AI system has simplified the use of artificial intelligence within the browser. This allows it to be used as a research tool and reduces reliance on search engines like Google.

For example, one writer has been using Aria as a research tool for writing novels. It has proven useful in generating character names by combining classical composer names. However, a drawback is that the same chat has to be rerun every time, as the generation process takes a few seconds.

To overcome this, Opera’s Pinboard feature can be used to save Aria chats. This can be done by creating a Pinboard for a specific category and pinning the Aria chat to it. Later, the chat can be referenced by opening the Pinboard. This workflow is efficient and helps keep track of Aria chats without needing to rerun them.

To create this workflow, an up-to-date version of the Opera browser connected to a free Opera account is required. Pinboards are available for the Linux, MacOS, and Windows versions of the browser. Instructions are provided for creating a Pinboard and pinning an Aria chat to it for later reference.

Ultimately, saving Aria chats to a Pinboard is an effective way to retain information received from the AI chat. It eliminates the need to repeatedly run the same chats and contributes to increased productivity for users.