Ditch the Master Password: 1Password Introduces Passkey Access

1Password is making it easier for anyone to set up an account by using a passkey. The passkey beta program is being expanded from private to public, allowing anyone to secure a new individual account with a passkey instead of a master password or secret key.

According to 1Password product director Mitch Cohen, the ability to unlock 1Password with a passkey is currently available for new accounts only, but will be made available to anyone with an existing 1Password account next year.

Password managers have long been considered a secure way to protect website accounts, but securing access typically requires a master password or secret key, which can be difficult to manage. The passkey method offers a safer and easier way to safeguard accounts and login credentials.

Passkeys take advantage of public-key cryptography, with each passkey containing a private key and a public key. The private key is kept secure and encrypted and never shared with 1Password, while the public key is stored on the company’s servers for authentication purposes. This means that even if hackers gained access to the public key, they wouldn’t be able to sign into a user’s account without the corresponding private key.

To set up a 1Password account with a passkey, users can download and install the iOS or Android app, and follow the steps to create a passkey. The process is also described on 1Password’s website, and accounts created through the public beta program will receive an extended free trial.

By providing a more secure and user-friendly method of account protection, 1Password’s passkey feature is set to revolutionize the way users manage their login credentials.