Discovering if an AirTag is keeping tabs on you: A step-by-step guide

Apple AirTags are a helpful device that helps you keep track of your important items like keys, wallets, and bikes. Reports of AirTags being misused to track people without their knowledge have raised concerns about their usage. To address this, Apple has made significant changes regarding what AirTags can be used for, disclosing to AirTag owners that these devices are only intended for tracking personal belongings and not for tracking others without their consent. Additional features have been added to enable people to detect when an AirTag is moving with them. If you suspect that someone may be tracking you using an AirTag, your iPhone or Android phone may alert you, allowing you to take action. You can also use the Find My app to scan for a hidden AirTag and disable it by removing the battery. Google has also introduced a feature to alert Android users if an unknown AirTag is tracking them. While someone else cannot track your AirTag, they can hear it and see any contact information you include if the finder uses NFC.