Discover the Exceptional Features of Linux Mint 21.3

The Linux Mint community has introduced Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia. Known for its reliability, it is based on Ubuntu 22.04 Long Term Support (LTS) and Linux kernel 5.15, ensuring stability and availability until April 2027. It comes with pre-installed applications like LibreOffice for office productivity, Thunderbird for email, GIMP for graphics editing, and Firefox for web browsing. Additionally, users can browse through the Software Manager to install any preferred software program. The application can be easily installed by searching and downloading from the Software Manager. The Software Manager also includes software ratings to help users make informed decisions. Linux Mint 21.3 comes with its exclusive homebrew apps such as Hypnotix, Warpinator, and Bulky. While it supports different Linux desktop environments, the default environment is Cinnamon, which the author considers the best desktop environment. The latest version of Cinnamon enables users to perform tasks and runs smoothly without Wayland. It has a smooth and fast interface, making it compatible with any computer with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 100GB of storage. The latest update also supports Secure Boot and has increased compatibility.