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Pros and Cons of Bird Buddy


1. Beautiful pictures
2. Easy to set up
3. Different ways to install outside
4. Bird recognition
5. Comfortable for birds


1. Needs recharging once a week
2. App is a little slow
3. Doesn’t catch all bird visitors
4. Needs to be within Wi-Fi range

The Bird Buddy has taken watching the feeders to the next level, allowing you to see your feathered friends up close with its 720p-resolution camera that records and photographs the birds that visit for a snack. The Bird Buddy app sends notifications to your smartphone alerting you of a new bird visitor, allowing you to see recorded footage, photos, and species information.

The smart feeder tracks different species of birds for migration patterns and population through the Heartbeat project, which makes it useful for conservationists and ornithologists.

Although there are some challenges with the device, such as the fact that it needs recharging once a week, a slow app, and limitations on which birds it can catch, the overall functionality and experience of the Bird Buddy make it an amazing addition to your bird watching experience.