Dashlane Introduces Passwordless Login for New Users

The password manager company Dashlane recently announced that it will be introducing a passwordless login feature. This feature will allow users to set up an account without a master password, making it a more secure and convenient option. The passwordless login feature is currently available to new users on all new personal plan accounts for both iOS and Android devices. Existing users will have the option to switch to the passwordless login feature in the coming year. This shift to passwordless authentication is seen as a major advancement in security for everyday users. It eliminates the need for a master password and instead uses device-specific PINs or biometrics for authentication. This approach is more secure and easier to use than traditional master passwords. With this new feature, sensitive data processing happens locally on the user’s device without Dashlane or anyone else having access. This marks a significant development in the future of online security and authentication.