Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions: The Ultimate Guide

The arrival of the new year signifies a fresh beginning for many people, which often prompts the change of everyday habits and setting new goals. Although the pressure to create and maintain New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming, making small steps and changes can help set the stage for achieving success in 2024. Whether your aim is to prioritize more physical activity, trade in your regular social media scrolling for reading, cook more meals at home, or explore new destinations this year, we have gathered some of the most common New Year’s resolutions and assembled a list of devices that can help you actually stick to them. Here’s everything you need to get organized this new year.

Resolution: Fitness and Exercise
Fitness and exercise-related resolutions and objectives are the most frequently made commitments for the new year. According to a recent Forbes survey, 48% of individuals have identified improving their fitness as a top priority in 2024. Instead of jumping into running three miles per day or hitting the gym every morning before work, consider starting with small steps. At-home exercise equipment and fitness trackers make it easier to incorporate movement into your daily routine. For example, a walking pad is an excellent solution for indoor walking. An under-desk treadmill allows you to get your daily steps in while working, and it can be easily stored away when not in use. Additionally, the Apple Watch is a reliable device for fitness and health tracking, with features specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. It allows you to monitor your heart rate zones and create custom workouts, making it a valuable tool for your fitness journey. Moreover, a smart workout mirror offers a convenient way to participate in various exercise classes from the comfort of your home. With live and on-demand fitness classes available, it’s an all-in-one workout solution for everyday use.

Resolution: Read More
In today’s digital age, reading has become less of a priority for many individuals. If you’re looking to replace your nightly social media browsing habit with a healthier alternative, reading is an excellent choice. E-readers and audiobooks have made reading more accessible than ever before, and there are numerous products available to help you tackle your reading list. The Kindle Oasis, for instance, is a sophisticated e-reader designed to enhance your reading experience with features such as adjustable warm light, automatic page orientation, and waterproof capabilities. If you prefer an alternative to the Kindle, the Kobo e-reader offers similar features, along with ComfortLightPro blue light reduction technology, and a larger storage capacity at a more affordable price. For those who struggle with decision fatigue when it comes to choosing books, a book subscription service like Book of the Month can help by selecting a new book each month based on your preferences and delivering it to your door in a hardcover format.

Resolution: Cook Meals at Home
Improving one’s diet is a common goal for many people in the new year, with 32% of individuals aiming to make healthier food choices in 2024. Cooking more meals at home is a critical step in achieving this goal, and there are plenty of smart kitchen tools available to make the cooking process easier and faster. The Instant Pot, for example, is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to prepare a wide variety of meals. In addition to its standard pressure and slow cooking functions, it also offers features like sous vide and yogurt making, all controllable via a mobile app. A smart scale can also be useful for tracking your intake of fats, carbs, and calories, as it provides detailed reports of food macros and syncs with health apps. Furthermore, a sous vide device can ensure that your meat is cooked to perfection by circulating water at precise temperatures. Additionally, a meal kit delivery service like HelloFresh can simplify the process of cooking at home by delivering pre-measured ingredients and recipes directly to your doorstep, making it easy for anyone to prepare delicious meals without the need for professional cooking skills.

Resolution: Travel to New Places
For those fortunate enough to have ample paid time off, traveling to new destinations is a worthwhile pursuit. Whether it’s exploring a national park or visiting a foreign country, the process of planning and embarking on a trip can be made easier with the help of useful tools and gadgets. An AI travel planning tool like Guide can assist in creating personalized itineraries based on your travel preferences, offering suggestions for hotels, restaurants, activities, and attractions. With the ability to generate a customizable schedule, Guide can streamline the trip planning process, providing a seamless and efficient travel experience in 2024.