Creating a Stylish Table in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

When Apple introduced the new line of M3 processors, I decided to create a comparison table. I used ZDNET colors in Excel format for the comparison. Although I hope it was helpful, the reader letters I received were actually about the table design. The question arises, would Apple’s M3 chip make the M1 and M2 obsolete? Moving forward, the spreadsheet containing the table is used to make color decisions and text formatting. Matching the ZDNET colors from the logo to the table cells is a fun process, but necessary for consistency. The next formatting steps include setting the font, main colors, and centering all text. We discuss how to segment the spreadsheet to make it less dense, and how to remove gridlines for a better look. Visual performance of the relative processor cores are shown with color bars and percentage values. Finally, the table is complete and looks great. Excel’s powerful formatting tools have proven to be very useful. Let David know if you produce cool tables or charts using Excel.