Congress MLA’s Statement on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Flying Kiss’ Gesture Sparks Controversy

Neetu Singh, a Congress MLA hailing from Bihar, has ignited a fresh wave of controversy by defending Rahul Gandhi’s recent ‘flying kiss’ gesture and stating that he “has plenty of young girls around him.” This remark from Singh has drawn sharp criticism from BJP leaders, who have labeled her statement as ‘shameful.’Amid the ongoing uproar surrounding Rahul Gandhi’s ‘flying kiss’ incident, Neetu Singh, representing the Hisua assembly constituency in Bihar, took a swipe at Union Minister Smriti Irani in her response.

In a video message that has now gone viral on social media, Singh questioned the rationale behind Rahul Gandhi blowing a flying kiss to a 50-year-old woman when he seemingly has no shortage of young female admirers. Additionally, Singh argued that the entire ‘flying kiss’ controversy has been manufactured by the BJP to tarnish Rahul Gandhi’s reputation.”Rahul Gandhi, our leader, is in no shortage of companions. If he were to bestow a flying kiss, it would naturally be directed towards a young woman. It defies reason for him to send such a gesture to a woman of Smriti Irani’s age. The accusations against Rahul Gandhi hold no foundation,” Neetu Singh expressed.

Conversely, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) responded strongly to Neetu Singh’s comments. Gaurav Bhatia, a spokesperson for the party, utilized X (formerly Twitter) to rebuke Singh’s statements and denounce her attack on Smriti Irani as ‘shameful.’ Echoing these sentiments, Shehzad Poonawala, another BJP spokesperson, criticized the Congress party as being ‘anti-women’ and suggested that it would resort to any means to shield Rahul Gandhi.The ‘Flying Kiss’ Controversy Earlier in the week, Smriti Irani expressed her dismay over Rahul Gandhi’s blowing of a flying kiss within the Lok Sabha, accusing him of displaying misogynistic behavior and tainting the decorum of the House with an “indecent act.”

Following this incident, female MPs from the BJP assembled to meet Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, urging for stringent action to be taken against Rahul Gandhi. A formal complaint, signed by over 20 women parliamentarians, asserted that the Congress member had engaged in an “inappropriate gesture” towards Smriti Irani while she was addressing the House during discussions on a vote of no confidence against the government.”