Comparing Getty’s AI Image Generator to DALL-E: A Disappointing Result

Getty Images has introduced a brand new AI image service called “Generative AI by iStock” that is deemed as “safe” to use to avoid copyright infringement. The AI image service is developed with AI chip giant Nvdia and was presented at the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas. This service provides indemnification to users with a content license agreement that offers a limited amount of liability. The initial 100 image generations are priced at $14.99. I tested this program out and found the results to be somewhat bland and dull compared to other AI image programs. The program lacked creative and imaginative aspects in the images produced. However, users are cautioned about the limitations and qualifications to the indemnification provided by Getty. Although it still lacks prompt engineering, the “Generative AI by iStock” service may improve over time. The AI filtering policy forbids certain language to ensure that copyrighted material is not mentioned. Overall, the program may be worth trying out for curious users.