Claiming Your Share of Apple’s $25 Million Family Sharing Settlement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Subscription to Apple’s Family Sharing Plan Could Pay off in Class-Action Settlement

For those who are part of Apple’s Family Sharing plan, there may be an opportunity to benefit from a proposed financial settlement related to a class action lawsuit.

According to the settlement notice, the lawsuit claims that Apple misrepresented the scope of its Family Sharing feature by promoting it as a means for all family members to share a subscription to any third-party app. However, in reality, app developers have the discretion to decide if and how subscriptions can be shared.

Despite Apple’s denial of any misrepresentation or wrongdoing, the company has agreed to settle the class action suit with a $25 million payment. This settlement will have an impact on users of the Family Sharing program.

Users who were enrolled in a Family Sharing group with at least one other person between June 21, 2015, and January 30, 2019, and who were US residents during that time, may be entitled to a small payout if they purchased a subscription to a third-party app through the App Store. Those who qualify should have received an email informing them of the settlement and their eligibility to participate.

To claim their share of the settlement, users need to follow the instructions provided in the settlement notice. They will need to fill out a Payment Election Form, providing the necessary information, and submit it by the specified deadline of March 1, 2024.

While the final decision regarding the settlement is pending, eligible users may receive a payout of up to $50 per person. This compensation, which could amount to $30 per claim, is contingent on the outcome of the settlement as well as the total number of claims made.

Overall, taking a few minutes to fill out and submit the form may result in a worthwhile payout for those who qualify. Therefore, it may be worth the effort to participate in the settlement process.