Choose VPS Windows wisely

In simple words, it is a virtual server that supports system modifications 2012 and higher. VPS Windows works on the basis of KVM, a software solution based on the use of several operating systems, the so-called virtualization – the ability to run a set of interconnected programs to manage PC resources. It is written exclusively for Linux.

This server allows you to run any application, and using a remote desktop, you can use the Windows VSP like a regular personal computer.

Before ordering Windows VPS from any company, it is suggested testing its operation on the server. If necessary, you can purchase additional licenses for SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Office.

Why should Windows VPS for a website be your priority?

The reliability and efficiency of web projects and hosting is directly related to KVM virtualization. The service adapts well to any task and makes it possible to connect other operating systems with a selected degree of access.

On a Windows VPS, your data is guaranteed to be protected by the built-in security system. Security detects signs of cyber-attacks and prevents their spread. A special program monitors that the launch on the server takes place exclusively from authorized software.

The client receives a dedicated server with high capacity, a simple interface and an acceptable tariff for Windows VPS.

This method of storing and processing data can significantly save the amount of RAM. In emergency situations, it is possible to restore missing information without interrupting work.

If you decide to order a Windows VPS, it is suggested choosing a suitable tariff, taking into account the volume of the disk and RAM required for work.

Accounting software 1C with a number of users from five people requires strong support. It is recommended using 4 GB of memory, a dual-core processor and 100 GB of disk space. In this case, VSP Windows 4 is suitable.

A remote workstation for two employees will take half the RAM, but it needs a dual-core processor. Accordingly, you need a tariff 3

For a website, it’s all about the size of its content and traffic. For small sizes, you can use the lowest Windows VPS 2 plan.

An important point when choosing a virtual storage is virtualization. That is why KVM based VPS Windows are offered. This is the only solution that, for a small amount of money, qualitatively supports the Windows operating system, since it is an integrated part of the platform and is automatically supported with each new Windows update.

Finally, by ordering Cheap Windows VPS, you get access optimized for any Windows operating system. This virtual storage guarantees the complete safety of your data in case of any technical failure. And the interfest is so convenient that even a beginner can handle it.

And before you make a final decision, let’s talk once again what Windows VPS is – a personal server that is based on Microsoft OS, so it is absolutely compatible with one of the most popular and used office suites. Moreover, this virtual server has all the benefits, guarantees and features of a physical dedicated server. This means that it will suit almost any user. You can buy Windows VPS for your web resource from us.