C-V2X Chosen by South Korea for Next-Generation Road Safety System

South Korea has chosen LTE-V2X as its standard for the building of its next-generation vehicle communication system, the Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). The system aims to enable advanced communications between vehicles and base stations to enhance road safety and lay the foundation for the deployment of automated driving vehicles. The decision to use LTE-V2X was made following trials to determine the most suitable standard for C-ITS, with experts recommending C-V2X. The country plans to start nationwide deployment of LTE-V2X-based C-ITS next year, with the hope that it will promote infrastructure spending and product development around the technology. Additionally, the deployment of LTE-V2X-based C-ITS is expected to expand globally, presenting opportunities for South Korean companies. C-V2X is promoted by companies such as Qualcomm, Ford, and Huawei in the United States and China.