Beware of Using Fake or uncertified Chargers for Apple Watch, Users Warned

Apple Warns Against Using Non-Apple Charger Pads

Apple has published a support document warning Apple Watch owners about the downsides of using “counterfeit or uncertified” charger pads. These non-Apple or non-Apple-certified chargers can cause problems ranging from slow charge times and random chimes to premature battery wear.

To determine if a charger pad is genuine or MFi (Made For iPhone) certified, Apple provides information on the text markings and model numbers on authentic chargers. Another method is to read the information embedded in the charging cable using a Mac.

It’s important to note that third-party charging pads certified by Apple through the MFI program can be difficult to identify. Although Apple encourages users to look for specific markings and logos on the charger and packaging, users can also search Apple’s database of authorized accessories.

Using uncertified chargers can lead to various issues, including poor magnet strength and the connector falling off the cable. Therefore, it is recommended to use a genuine Apple charger or a high-quality third-party alternative to avoid risking the Apple Watch.