BeReal Unveils Four Exciting New Features, Including a Game-Changing Update for Authentic Posts

BeReal app adds new features to make posts even more real

BeReal, the popular social media app, has announced the addition of four new features that aim to enhance the authenticity of user posts. The new features include Behind the Scenes (BTS), Tagging, RealGroups, and Your 2023 Recap.

The BTS feature will allow users to capture the moments before a photo is taken and create a video that will play on their friends’ timelines when the photo is long-pressed, similar to how live photos work. This feature is expected to give users a glimpse into the moment the photo was taken, adding to the authenticity of the post.

The RealGroups feature will enable users to create private groups where they can share private chats and BeReals between members, as well as set specially timed BeReal notifications for the group. However, users will only have access to two RealGroups, requiring them to be selective about which one they choose to join or create.

In addition, BeReal is introducing a Tagging feature that will allow users to tag friends in posts, giving them the ability to repost and share the content with their friends. Lastly, the app will be adding its own 2023 Recap feature, designed to provide users with a year-end summary of their posts.

These new features are expected to roll out over the coming weeks, providing BeReal users with even more ways to share authentic and meaningful content with their friends and followers.