Automatically Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Your Android Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

I found myself turning to the Creative Aurvana Ace 2 earbuds every time I wanted to use a pair of earbuds with my phone. But I encountered an inconvenience. Every time I put them into my ears, they weren’t automatically connecting to my Pixel 8 Pro. They would connect to each other and be listed as connected devices on my phone, but would not automatically connect to my phone.

Although it wasn’t a major problem, it was an inconvenience that I had to manually connect them via the Settings. However, I found an experimental feature called LE Audio that, when enabled, triggered the earbuds to connect automatically. LE Audio ensures users receive high-fidelity audio without sacrificing battery life.

LE Audio can be enabled on a per-device basis and can greatly simplify the process of connecting earbuds. If you have earbuds that require manual connection, LE Audio might be able to solve that problem. To enable LE Audio in Android, you will need a phone that’s compatible with LE Audio and a pair of earbuds that you’ve already paired to your phone but don’t always connect automatically when taken out of their case.

Here’s how to enable LE Audio in Android:

  1. Pull your earbuds out of their case.
  2. Open Settings and tap Connected Devices.