Amazon Unveils Astro for Business: A Technological Solution to Safeguard Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Amazon has announced a new business security solution called Astro for Business. The new Astro for Business is designed for small and midsize businesses to protect their inventory and surveil up to 5,000 square feet. It includes AI-driven person recognition and mapping, an HD periscope camera with night vision, smart alerts, and the ability to set up scheduled patrols and custom patrol routes.

The new Astro Secure subscription allows users to let Astro patrol areas autonomously, set up custom patrol zones and routes, and monitor for sounds of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms going off, or sounds of breaking glass.

The Astro for Business robot is best used with a subscription to Amazon security programs such as the Astro Secure program, Ring Protect Pro, or Virtual Security Guard subscriptions.

The Astro for Business robot is now available on Amazon for $2,350 and each purchase includes a four-month trial of Ring Protect, which costs $20 a month, and Astro Secure, priced at $60 a month. An additional $99 a month adds a Virtual Security Guard subscription.

Since its preview launch over a year ago, the household Astro has been available on an invitation-only basis and for the price of $1,000. The household Astro is also limited to mapping up to 3,500 square feet.