Amazfit’s Smart Ring: The Ultimate Integration of Sleep and Fitness Tracking

The upcoming Amazfit Helio Ring offers a new way to track sleep and health data. This smart ring will sync with the Zepp app, allowing users to leave their watch on the nightstand and still have access to all their health and wellness information. Even though the Amazfit Helio Ring can function as a stand-alone device, it is recommended to pair it with an Amazfit watch for more accurate data tracking during active sports and outdoor activities. With a week-long battery life and a titanium alloy design, the Amazfit Helio Ring promises to be comfortable and durable for 24/7 wear. Additionally, Amazfit’s Zepp Aura AI service will provide additional health and wellness features based on data collected from the Helio Ring. The Amazfit Helio Ring is set to launch in the next few months, with more size and color options available later in 2024. Pricing details have not been released, but the product aims to provide a comprehensive health and wellness experience.