Almost There: Beats Studio Pro, My Almost Dream Headphones

Ever since Apple acquired Beats in 2014, the release cycle of the company has been relatively stagnant. The products are typically the only ones owned by Apple that are appealing to both iOS and Android users. The Beats Studio lineup has seen significant changes in design since the release of the Beats Studio 3 in 2017. The Studio Pro headphones have a more mature matte finish and are available in a rich Deep Brown color, making them aesthetically pleasing. The Studio Pro, priced at $350, offer features such as noise-canceling and transparency modes, USB-C connectivity, and Entertainment and Conversation audio modes. However, some features such as lossless audio playback via USB-C are not compatible with iPhone. The Studio Pro offer good sound quality, clear phone calls, and UltraPlush ear cups for comfort, but some users may find them to be slightly small. The battery life is around 24 hours with noise-canceling or transparency mode on, and about 40 hours with neither setting active. Despite missing high-end features, the Beats Studio Pro are recommended for their sound and design, especially if they are on sale.