Adapting to AI: The Essential Tool for YouTube Creators

YouTube has introduced two new policies about AI, focusing on unauthorized imitations of famous voices and requiring that AI-generated content be clearly labeled. When creators upload a video, they will soon have the option to indicate whether or not the content contains AI-generated material. Content produced by AI will have a label applied to it in the description, and for certain types of sensitive content, a more prominent label will be applied over the video. Additionally, the company’s music partners will have the ability to request the removal of AI-generated content that mimics an artist’s singing or rapping voice. YouTube emphasized that while generative AI has the potential to unlock creativity, it also carries new risks that require new safety measures. Those who fail to disclose AI content may face penalties, including removal of the video and demonetization. Penalties for making a video with someone’s voice are non-existent at first, but the company stressed the importance of responsible AI innovation.