$80 for Lifetime of Microsoft Tech Training and Certifications

Microsoft’s Comprehensive Tech Certification Training Super Bundle Is On Sale For $80

Microsoft has a vast roster of software and programs, and those trained with its tech are uniquely qualified for a well-established job market. For those interested in learning and gaining qualifications for Microsoft’s technology, it’s worth checking out this affordable educational experience. The Complete 2024 Microsoft Tech Certification Training Super Bundle is on sale for just $80.

This comprehensive bundle features eleven courses and nearly 250 hours of content on Microsoft tech. One of the top courses in the bundle “Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101),” features sixty-four lectures on foundational concepts, including operating system deployment and upgrading strategy, various deployment methods, configuring Intune, configuring Windows Update policies, migrating desktops to Windows 10, and more.

Another popular course in this bundle, Microsoft Mobility and Security (MS-101), features eighty-six lectures on topics like data governance practices within the Microsoft 365 Intelligence framework, best practices for managing devices, and conducting searches and investigations.

Plenty of other helpful courses are also included, such as Microsoft 365 Identity & Services (MS-100), Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305), MD-100: Windows Client, AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, and Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104).

All courses in this comprehensive Microsoft training bundle are taught by instructors from IDUNOVA, an organization with over twenty years of experience offering IT courses and educational experience. Students can trust they receive the most up-to-date knowledge on all things Microsoft technology.

Get The Complete 2024 Microsoft Tech Certification Training Super Bundle on sale for just $80.