5 Signs of a Fake Data Blocker That Can Hack Your Computer in Seconds

One of these data blockers could hack your computer if plugged into the data port! Data blockers – also known as USB condoms – are essential security tools that I recommend. It allows charging to happen but blocks any data from being communicated by physically severing the USB data lines, putting an air gap between the USB port and your device. USB isn’t just a charging protocol, it also allows data to flow back and forth, making it possible to create a malicious charging port that can do bad things. USB data blockers are essential due to the potential security risks associated with untrusted charging blocks.HomeAs what to look for in a malicious data blocker, you should look out for a USB plug with only two connectors and missing the two middle data-transmitting pins, and it should have a cutout in the top of the USB plug and the words NO DATA printed on the connector. Moreover, you can use a malicious cable detector to detect any suspicious activity. It is safer to buy your own data blockers and make them part of your travel kit.