2023’s Top-rated Portable Monitors: A Comprehensive Review

The Hongo 16.1-inch portable monitor offers impressive tech specs: 16.1 inches in size, IPS panel type, 1920 x 1080P resolution, non-touchscreen, no HDR, 60 Hz refresh rate, and USB-C power. Whether for gaming or remote work, this monitor provides a bright and crisp display at an affordable price. It is priced at only $160 and features a 144Hz refresh rate, USB-Type C, USB, and HDMI connectivity, as well as the ability to switch between horizontal and vertical modes. ZDNET contributor Jack Wallen was pleasantly surprised by the monitor’s brightness and quality, stating that it outperformed his over-$1,000 Dell 34-inch monitor. If you are looking for a portable monitor that is cost-effective and versatile, the Hongo 16.1-inch monitor may be the right option for you.